Uma Sketch Book / Art Book

 “Unfinished Weather“ is a special, limited edition, signed, hand assembled notebook/sketchbook featuring the work of UMA artists, Nathaniel Russell & Griffin McPartland. It is dotted with sketches and words from the artists, and contains a a multitude of blank pages for the owner’s own creative riffing. It’s publication is inspired by the Uma Landsleds board series of the same name.

•2-color, 4.5” x 7”, perfect bound, travel-sized book
•175 pages total
• Printed in a limited edition of 150 by Nat Swope in Berkeley, CA
•4 unique paper stocks: blank, lined, grided and blue pages Hand collated, assembled and bound in Oakland, CA
• Signed and numbered by the artists, Nathaniel & Griffin Published by Uma Landsleds

An Uma Landsleds Artist Collective Project, 2021