Uma x Andy Jenkins "Remnants" Embellished Art Print + Evan Smith 8.625" on Headroom


Hand embellished art print by Andy Jenkins + Deck combo. Only 20 made of each print. Price includes both limited edition print and deck.

Each 18" x 24" Print is customized, making each item a true original. Actual item will differ slightly from that pictured being that each print has subtle hand constructed differences

Art by Andy Jenkins
Evan Smith pro model
Custom "Headroom" shape
Free Pepper Grip w/ purchase

Unique "dipped" tail, hand sprayed red around tail 

8.625" x 32.5" / 14.5" WB

“The papers I used to make up the collages in these graphics are all remnants of previous communications. A parking ticket, receipt, letter, note. Those bits and pieces will become remnants again when parts of them are scatched off and left smeared on a ledge or curb or rail somewhere in the world. Remnants of remnants. Art makes art.” - Andy Jenkins

Jenkins has been a fixture in the skateboarding creative community for over 30 years. He currently oversees the creative direction of Uma Landsleds, and can at times be found skating around picking up random bits of paper and rusted items off the ground in his hometown of San Pedro, California.